Siding is a beneficial and low maintenance option for many homes. If your home needs siding or the siding is missing or damaged, then rely on Moore’s Roofing for any installation or repairs you need. We specialize in siding services as well as gutter services in the Columbus, IN area.

Moore’s Roofing is dedicated to ensuring that the siding products we use not only make your home attractive but are also strong and durable to last you for years. We are happy to listen to your concerns, answer all your questions, and educate you on the siding options that we carry.

Please contact us today to get started on improving your home!

Siding Installation

Whether you are building a new home or if your home needs a complete siding replacement, we are the experts you can rely on!

We will first begin with a consult at your home to see what type of siding you are looking for or we are happy to provide recommendations based on your home and budget. We have numerous options and our specialists can help educate you on any of our siding choices, including their pros and cons and the homes they are best suited for.

Sometimes you don’t need to replace all your siding and Moore’s Roofing is happy to do a partial replacement as well. Simply contact us today to see how we can help!

Siding Repair

Missing or cracked siding? Sometimes you may not always require a full replacement but simply a needed repair. Moore’s Roofing is happy to come out to diagnose and recommend any type of repairs that are needed. Give us a call today!

Gutter Services

Divert water away with our gutter services! We offer numerous types of gutter services including:

  • Gutter tune ups
  • Repitching the gutters
  • Hidden gutter hanger installation
  • Gutter RX Installation
  • Full gutter replacement and installation

We offer 5” and 6” gutters with 2x3 and 3x4 downspouts and a variety colors to match your home and keep you in budget. Our professional contractors can diagnose improper installation, any needed repairs, and many other problems that are often overlooked. Any of our specialists will be happy to help you!